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Plating Rectifiers

The 25A plating rectifier is suited for all silver and gold plating jobs. The voltage is controlled via a selector knob from 2.6 all the way up to 15 volts. This rectifier is suitable for all brush plating applications. Please see our full range of plating rectifiers.

Crocodile Clips

Crocodile clips are used during electro brush plating. These high quality crocodile clips are steel nickel plated & accept a standard 4mm banana plug or wire & can be screwed or even soldered. Measuring 51mm in length they are rated at 10A.

Plating Solutions

Copper plating solution for brush plating onto a conductive ink base. Plastic plating copper solutions plate fast and bright filling in minor scratches ensuring minimal hand polishing after plating. This is the best solution for plating onto a conductive ink base and is an essential part of being able to plate non-conductive items.


High grade 316 stainless steel flat electrode for electro brush plating. This electrode accepts a standard 4mm banana plug lead which we also sell in our shop. This has a 32cm2 plating area and is suitable for all gold and silver plating covering large areas quickly and easily. This is perfect for internal right-angles!