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Pure Gold Plating was first established in 2008 & began offering gold plating kits due to the demand for gold & silver plating.

The brush plating equipment we sell is also used by ourselves assuring you of the capabilities of the products we offer. The quality of work produced can be seen in our gallery.

Our online shop now lists over 90 products & offers a complete range of kits from gold plating kits to chrome plating kits plus a comprehensive stock of spares & accessories.

Besides gold plating kits we also supply gold & silver pen plating kits, all backed up with a complete range of spares & consumables. Our brush plating kits include gold plating kits, silver plating kits & chrome plating kits that can be used to gold, silver & chrome plate watches & clocks, jewellery, bathroom taps & much more. Some are also able to gold, silver & chrome plate non-conductive items such as plastic & wood.

Our chrome plating kits allow the copper, nickel & chrome plating of the smallest of items, such as watch crowns, to larger sized items. Although best suited to smaller items we have had customers chrome plate scooter exhausts & wheel rims using our chrome plating kits.

The plating kit spares & accessories include; plating rectifiers, gold plating machines, ultra-sonic cleaners & brush plating electrodes that include stainless steel, carbon & platinised titanium in both 6mm rod & flat electrode forms. We also stock a large selection of brush plating swabs to fit all our electrodes as well as 6mm electrode interchangeable wand handles.

We manufacture our own 6mm rod electrodes, flat electrodes & wand handles as well as specific brush plating solutions. We can even make plating wands & electrodes to a customer’s specific requirements.

If you are confined to a budget we also stock small stand–alone gold, silver & chrome plating kits & can even put together a custom brush gold plating kit to suit your specific needs and/or budget.

We also offer a full 1-day hands-on brush plating training course as well as a complete gold & silver plating business setup. Our business opportunity includes a website, all equipment, 2 full days training & one night’s hotel accommodation.

If you would like to get in touch with us please use our contact form.