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Deluxe Gold & Silver Plating Kit


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Product Description

A superb gold plating machine package! This is one of our best gold plating kits, aimed at our customers who not only want to do gold & silver plating, but are also looking for the flexibility of being able to plate a wider range of metals and alloys including copper, bronze and white bronze (nickel substitute).

With the copper you’ll be able to:

Plate small steel or iron parts, for example screw heads and wheel nuts.
Change a matt surface to shiny by building up a thick layer & polishing back; this is very useful on some items.
Plate on tin, lead, pewter, Britannia metal & solder.

With the white bronze solution you’ll be able to:
Plate a barrier on top of brass or copper to ensure gold retains its correct lustre & colour.
Plate an allergy free barrier on jewellery & watches.
Carry out triple plating on small parts.
Plate copper contacts for electrical purposes.

Further benefits include; carbon wands – essential for plating shadow & stain free nickel coatings, Meta Prep Ultra (MPU) – simply rub on wipe off and plate straight on top. Super quick and super easy!

Kit includes:

250ml Gold Plating Solution
250ml Silver Plating Solution
250ml Copper Plating Solution
100ml Bronze Mixer
500ml Chrome Stripper
500ml Cleaner/Activator – An All-In-One Cleaner & Activator For Nickel & Stainless Steel
500ml Deionised Water
100ml MetaPrep Ultra (MPU)
200g MetaPrep
200g MetaSeal
1 Litre Thickener
25 Amp Power Rectifier
3 Electrode Handles
2 Stainless Steel Electrodes
2 Carbon Electrodes
2 Red Leads
Conductor Wire
Plating Pen + 10 Tips
Mini Contact Probe
1 Black Lead & Clip
Hand Polishing Kit
10 Long Life Reusable Swabs
3 Drip Trays
3 Large 90ml Beakers
25ml Measure
Spray Bottle
Safety Glasses
Nitrile Safety Gloves
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Brush Plating Training Manual
0800 Technical Help Line, Email & Webcam Support
12 Months Warranty

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